Guiding the Rising Generation of prominent families

The Quest for Legitimacy is a groundbreaking model for successfully navigating the unique struggle of growing up in a prominent family

Do you feel called to explore greater purpose, identity, and personal contribution as a member of a storied family? The Quest for Legitimacy is for you.

Growing up in the Shadow of a Giant brings unique Challenges

The Quest for Legitimacy is the result of pioneering, global research led by clinical psychologist, Dr. Jamie Weiner, and family business consultant, Russ Haworth. Their research represents the first time anyone has gone out to this Rising Generation and directly asked what it’s like to grow up in prominent families. 

These conversations uncovered shared experiences, obstacles and aspirations. From this, Jamie and Russ have identified a path that you can follow throughout your life to pursue your purpose and meaningfully contributing to your family and the world around you: The Quest for Legitimacy.

The Quest for Legitimacy is a groundbreaking model for navigating the unique struggle of growing up in a prominent family. This prominence can take the form of significant personality, wealth, or reputation, but all create a unique pressure to live up to the accomplishments of your predecessors. You are not alone in this experience, but a part of a global community of next generation leaders eager to discover their own legitimacy: The Rising Generation.

The Four Elements of The Quest For Legitimacy


Knowing thyself is one of the key steps on the quest to authenticity and is also one of the hardest to recognise.

Tug of War

The pull on the outside world becomes stronger than the centripetal force of the family.


Exposure to the outside is a refresh, the time to blossom with the potential to bring new fuel back to the storied family.


I have been doing a bit of internal work.

The Quest for Legitimacy

The outcomes of those who have undertaken The Quest for Legitimacy have been transformative. There is an expanded confidence, ownership, and awareness of how to live a life that feels true to you, rather than the one expected of you. This learning empowers you to take on larger roles, step into leadership and shift family relationships for the better.

We appreciate that stepping out of the shadows in this way is an active and intensely personal process. The goal of The Quest is to lend insight and support, so you can approach this journey with the reassurance and confidence that you are not alone.

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