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Keynote Speaker

Have Dr. Jamie Weiner or Russ Haworth as a featured speaker at your next event or conference.

Duration: 1 hour (Presentation, Q&A)

Book Salon

The Book Salon is a casual and private way to share elements of The Quest – the book and the journey – client families and trusted advisors in your network who want to be supportive of their Rising Generation family members.

Duration: 2-2 ½ hours from arrivals to departures

Author Dinner

The Quest Author Dinner is a wonderful, relaxed way to expose clients to a different way of framing the Rising Generation’s journey. Your group will be joined by one of The Quest for Legitimacy’s author/researchers to share main themes of the book and host an interactive discussion with guests.

Duration: 2 ½ – 3 hrs. from arrivals to departures.
Suggested Number of Attendees: 20-25

Workshop Dinner

The Workshop Dinner takes the group through a reflective process to discover some of the main elements of their own story and journey. Your guests will leave with a greater perspective on where they are in their own Quest and how they might take next steps confidently.

Duration: 3 ½ to 4 hours from arrivals to departures.
Suggested Number of Attendees: 12-20

The Living Case Study Workshop

Engage individuals and families in a six-hour workshop featuring a vibrant and complex Living Case Study (video) from award-winning Shaking the Tree Interactive Productions. At the forefront of this story is the rising generation – intelligent, creative, bold, and ready to make their mark, each amidst their own Quest. They aren’t merely looking to continue the family legacy, but re-imagine it for decades to come. Perfect for a stand-alone event or as the feature of a multi-day conference

Duration: 5-6 hours
Suggested number of attendees: 50-100

Advisor Briefing

In a competitive market, advisors to families and family businesses need the ability to show clients and prospects the commitment they are making to building strong relationships with multiple generations in their family. After a presentation and discussion, each advisor will leave with a copy of the book and a short questionnaire to use with clients to gain additional insights on rising generation family members.

Duration: 2 hours from arrivals to departures
Suggested Number of Attendees: 20-50 people

For more information on these events including pricing and scheduling, please contact us.

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