The Team

Meet the people behind The Quest for Legitimacy

Dr. Jamie Weiner

Jamie works with high-net-worth families on all the problems that exist behind the money.

Since 2018, Jamie has devoted his time to an in-depth qualitative research study of the Rising Gen in storied families…

…The purpose of the study is to understand what it is like growing up in the shadows of successful parents and elders.

Dr Weiner’s experience as a clinical psychologist lends unique insights to his understanding of the complex dynamics existing in families.

His expertise with leveraging the human capital that lies in multi- generational, affluent families extends into the family office and business space where a family’s needs and “their business” are often linked and complex.

Russ Haworth

Russ is the Co-Director of “The Quest for Legitimacy” academic research project, a UK based family business adviser and host of the widely acclaimed The Family Business Podcast.

He has been working with families for nearly 20 years…

…initially through financial planning and wealth management, and more recently as a specialist family business consultant.

He is a member of Faculty and the Advisory Board of The Ultra High Net Worth Institute, a non-profit and independent “Think Tank” – A publisher and curator of exceptional thought leadership and content relating to UHNW families, family offices, their advisors, and the industry.

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